Can't Decide Between a Mouse, Rat, or Gerbil as Your Small Pet? Here's How to Choose!

Can't Decide Between a Mouse, Rat, or Gerbil as Your Small Pet? Here's How to Choose!

Are you trying to decide between a mouse, rat, or gerbil as your small pet? All three of these small animals are popular choices for small pets, but they each have their personalities and needs that should be considered. Choosing the best pet for your needs can be difficult with many options. 

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This blog post will discuss the differences between mice, rats, and gerbils and give tips on choosing the right pet for your lifestyle.


Mice make great pets for those looking for an animal companion requiring minimal space and care. They have an inquisitive, playful nature, and their small size makes them easily manageable. 

Mice are known to be smart and can even be trained to do tricks. They also have very low-maintenance needs, only needing basic food, a clean cage, and occasional bedding changes.

When it comes to size, mice are the smallest of the three animals, with an adult mouse usually only reaching 4-6 inches long. They typically weigh 1-2 ounces and are active, running around their cages and playing with their toys. Mice also have shorter lifespans than rats and gerbils, usually for 1-3 years.

Mice can make great first pets, especially for young children, as they are relatively low maintenance and don't require much attention or specialized care. However, they need plenty of daily interaction and exercise. 

As such, those considering a mouse as a pet should be sure they have the time to dedicate to playtime and bonding with their pet mouse.

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Rats are among the most popular small pets due to their intelligence and affectionate nature. They are usually relatively easy to take care of and lovable. Rats come in many colors and varieties, from the common brown rat to fancy breeds like the Rex or Hairless. 

They live for an average of two to three years, and their lifespan can be extended with proper care.

Regarding temperament, rats can be friendly, outgoing, and timid. Some owners have even taught their rats to do tricks! Rats enjoy the company of humans, but it's essential to remember that they are social animals, so it's best to keep them in pairs or larger groups.

Rats require daily interaction with their owners and need a large cage with plenty of toys, hideaways, and chewable items to entertain them. When it comes to food, they should be fed a balanced diet of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. It's also essential to provide fresh water at all times.

Rats make great companions for those looking for an intelligent pet with many personalities. With the proper care, these furry friends can bring you joy.

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Gerbils are small rodents that make lovely pets. Gerbils are generally quieter than mice or rats and are more relaxed and calm. They are social and inquisitive animals that love to explore and play.

When it comes to physical characteristics, gerbils look similar to mice but have a tail that is longer and hairier. They come in various colors and patterns, including white, brown, black, tan, and spotted. They also have furry ears and large eyes.

Gerbils are easy to care for and require only essential maintenance. They should have a cage, bedding material, food, water, and enrichment toys. It's necessary to keep their cages clean and free of debris.

Gerbils have a lifespan of up to five years and can live in pairs or groups. If you choose to get two gerbils, it's best to get them from the same litter, so they are already familiar.

Gerbils make great pets due to their friendly personalities and low-maintenance care requirements. They are fun to watch and interact with, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for an entertaining small pet.

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