The Top 10 Best Aquarium Fishes for Beginners

The Top 10 Best Aquarium Fishes for Beginners

Are you just getting started with aquariums? What are the best aquarium fishes for beginners? Look no further! In this blog post, we will be discussing the top 10 best aquarium fishes for beginners. 

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Whether you are just starting out or looking to add new species to your aquarium, this list will have something for everyone. So without further ado, let's dive into the list of the top 10 best aquarium fishes for beginners! This list has everything from popular beginner species, such as goldfish and guppies, to more exotic species, like African cichlids and catfish.

1) Betta

Bettas, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are among the most popular aquarium fish for beginners. With their vibrant colors and distinctive fins, bettas add a beautiful touch to any aquarium. 

They come in various colors and types, such as veiltail, crowntail, halfmoon, and delta. Bettas are labyrinth fish, meaning they can take air from the surface. This makes them easy to care for and an excellent choice for beginner aquarists.

Regarding tank size, bettas can do well in small tanks with plenty of swimming space. A 5-gallon tank should be sufficient for one betta. Be sure to include some decorations and hiding places in the tank, as bettas like to explore their environment.

When it comes to feeding, bettas are omnivores, so they can enjoy a variety of foods, such as flakes, pellets, live food, and frozen food. Feed your betta twice daily with no more than what he can eat within 2 minutes.

Bettas are relatively peaceful fish that get along well with other fish of similar size and temperament. Some good tank mates for bettas include gouramis, tetras, mollies, platys, and Corydoras catfish. Avoid keeping more than one male betta in the same tank, as they will fight.

Overall, bettas make great pets for beginning aquarists. Their bright colors and peaceful nature will surely add color to any aquarium!

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2) Guppy

Guppies are an ideal choice for beginner aquarium hobbyists. Not only are they colorful, but they're also hardy, peaceful, and easy to care for. Guppies come in a wide range of colors, making them a good choice for adding vibrant color to your tank. 

They're also relatively small and don't require a large aquarium—in fact, a 10-gallon tank is enoughThey'rese for several guppies.

In terms of care, guppies are easy to look after, provided you keep up with regular water changes and make sure the pH levels are stable. They're also not too sensitive to temperature fluctuations, so you don't have to worry about instalThey'reheater.

Guppies should be kept in schools of six or more as they are social creatures who like being with their own kind. As for diet, you can feed them a mix of their food and occasional treats such as brine shrimp or frozen bloodworms.

Guppies make an excellent choice for beginner aquarium hobbyists and can bring vibrant color to any tank.

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3) Neon Tetra

The Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) is an excellent choice for novice aquarium hobbyists. This colorful fish can bring a great deal of life and vibrancy to any aquarium and is relatively easy to care for.

Neon Tetras are small, peaceful fish inhabiting the middle to the top of the water column. They need very clean water conditions to properly thrive and prefer a temperature between 68-80°F. They should be kept in at least six schools, though a larger school will be more entertaining to watch.

These brightly colored fish are best known for their vivid blue stripe running along their side, contrasting nicely with their red, yellow, and green coloring. They're also active and social, making an ideal choice for a community tank. 

Though they require a lot of space, having plenty of hiding spots for these shy fish is essential. Plants and driftwood help create a textural environment for them to thrive.

Overall, Neon Tetras are an excellent choice for those new to the aquarium hobby. Their vibrant colors, peaceful nature, and minimal care needs make them ideal for beginner aquarists.

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4) Goldfish

Goldfish are often at the top of the list when picking aquarium fish for a beginner. They are hardy, easy to care for, and come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. 

Goldfish are typically the first type of fish that most people consider when looking to start an aquarium. Goldfish live anywhere from 10 to 15 years and come in several breeds, such as the popular comet goldfish or the larger common goldfish. They're affordable, available in various colors, and relatively easy to care for. 

When it comes to goldfish care, you'll need to provide them with a large tank with plenty of room for swimming. The water temperature should be between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pH levels should be between 6.5 and 7.5. Goldfish also need a filtration system to keep their tank clean and healthy. 

Finally, goldfish need a diet of high-quality pellets or flakes supplemented with live or frozen foods like brine shrimp or bloodworms. If you're starting out with goldfish, you should begin with only one or two, as goldfish can be very active, and if too many are in one tank, they can become stressed. 

Overall, goldfish make excellent starter fish for aquariums. They can live long, healthy lives with proper care and bring color and life to your tank.

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5) Molly

Molly is one of the top contenders when choosing the best aquarium fish for beginners. It's known for being one of the hardiest freshwater species in the hobby and capable of It'siving in a wide range of water temperatures and conditions. 

This peaceful fish is easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, its various colors make it a great addition to any tank.

Mollies come in various colors, from black, yellow, and orange to blue, green, and silver. You can find them in both short-finned and long-finned varieties. They are typically peaceful and can live in both brackish and freshwater tanks.

These fish prefer temperatures between 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH of 7.0-7.5. In terms of diet, Mollies prefer flakes, freeze-dried food, frozen food, and live brine shrimp.

If you're looking for a hardy fish that is easy to care for and doesn't require much maintenance, then Molly is definitely worth considering.

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6) Platy

The Platy is one of the most popular aquarium fishes for beginners. This fish species is relatively easy to care for and can be pretty colorful, making them an ideal choice for a beginner's tank. 

Platys are tropical fish, so they prefer warm water, and they do best in tanks with plants and hiding places. They will also do well in small schools, so keeping at least four of them together is recommended.

Platys are livebearers, meaning they give birth to live young. Females are generally larger than males and can produce up to 50 fries at a time. Platys are very hardy and can withstand a wide range of water parameters, which makes them even easier to care for.

Regarding diet, Platys are omnivores, so they will happily eat most types of commercial fish food as well as vegetable matter such as algae wafers or blanched zucchini. It is important to provide variety in their diet to keep them healthy and colorful.

All in all, Platys make an excellent beginner fish for any tank. They are easy to care for, do well in small groups, and can add a pop of color to any aquarium.

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7) Swordtail

The swordtail is a popular aquarium fish that makes an excellent choice for beginners. It is an easy fish to care for and is quite hardy. Swordtails have an attractive color, with some varieties having black, orange, yellow, and silver stripes. They do not require special water conditions and can live in most freshwater tanks.

Swordtails are very active and make for exciting aquarium inhabitants. While they prefer to swim near the top of the tank, they are comfortable in all aquarium levels. They are peaceful and can be kept with other community fish without problems.

Swordtails can live up to four years in captivity. They should be fed various foods, including flakes, pellets, frozen, and live foods. They are omnivores and will also enjoy eating plants and algae.

Swordtails are great for beginning aquarists since they are hardy and easy to care for. They also add a lot of color to the tank. So, if you're looking for a fish to give your tank some pizzazz, the swordtail is a great choice!

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8) Barb

When it comes to beginner-friendly aquarium fish, barbs are a great choice! Several barb varieties are available, and they are all hardy fish that adapt well to different tank environments. 

They tend to be active and social in terms of temperament, but they can become aggressive if kept in too small of an aquarium or with other similarly-sized fish. 

The most popular variety of barb is the Tiger Barb, which has stunning black stripes and orange highlights. They can be kept in groups of five or more and will school together as they explore the tank. 

Another popular variety is the Rosy Barb, which has a vibrant pink hue and black vertical stripes. Both types of barbs require plenty of swimming room and a larger aquarium to thrive. 

Barbs can be fed various foods, such as live, frozen, or freeze-dried brine shrimp, bloodworms, and commercial flake food. Barbs are an excellent choice if you're looking for a colorful, active fish that won't break the bank.

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9) Cherry Barb 

Cherry Barb (Puntius titteya) is a great fish for beginner aquarium owners. This peaceful and hardy species is an excellent choice for those looking to set up their first tank. 

The Cherry Barb has a striking appearance with its bright red coloration, making it a great addition to any aquarium. They typically grow to around 2-3 inches long and are incredibly active, swimming around the tank in large shoals. 

Despite their vibrant color, they can easily blend in with the vegetation of your tank and enjoy hiding among plants. 

This fish is also easy to care for, requiring only moderate water conditions. They are resilient and adaptable to most changes in their environment. They prefer temperatures between 70-80°F and pH between 6-7.5. A sound filtration system is recommended for these barbs' healthy and clean environment. 

In terms of diet, Cherry Barbs will happily accept a variety of foods such as flake, frozen, and live food. It's essential to feed them multiple times per day, but in small amounts to avoid overfeeding and wIt's pollution. 

Suppose you're a beginner looking for an exciting addition to your tank. The Cherry Barb is ideal for you because they are hardy and colorful, making them a great addition to any aquarium!

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10) Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose Pleco is an excellent choice for beginner aquarists. This small freshwater fish originates from South America and is a beautiful addition to any tank. It is peaceful, easy to care for, and can help keep your tank clean by consuming algae. 

Bristlenose Plecos are hardy fish that can tolerate various water conditions and temperatures, making them ideal for novice aquarists. They reach a maximum size of around 5 inches, and their unique bristles give them a distinctive appearance. 

A single Bristlenose Pleco can be housed in a tank as small as 10 gallons, but it's best to provide a larger tank if you plan on keeping more than one. These fish are not picky and will accept a variety of foods, such as sinking pellets, blanched vegetables, and zucchini slices. 

Bristlenose Plecos are also excellent scavengers and can help keep your tank tidy by devouring any leftover food. This species is ideal for novice aquarists looking for easy-to-care-for fish that can help keep their tank clean.

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