Fireworks and Your Dog: Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend Calm This New Year

Fireworks and Your Dog: Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend Calm This New Year

As New Year's Eve approaches, many look forward to the festive fireworks that light up the sky. But these loud and colourful displays can be overwhelming and even scary for our furry friends. 

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Fireworks can cause fear, anxiety, and stress in dogs, so it's crucial to understand how to help your pet remain calm during this time of year. This blog post will help to keep your dog safe and relaxed during the noisy, flashing fireworks this New Year.

Keep Your Dog Inside

One of the best ways to help keep your dog calm during New Year's fireworks is to keep them inside. Ensure windows and doors are secure so that your dog won't escape. If you have a screened-in porch, balcony, or yard, keep your dog indoors as much as possible during the festivities. Also, keeping windows blind can help dogs to calm down.

If your pup needs to go outside for a potty break, supervise them closely and limit their exposure to loud fireworks noises. Offer them treats and attention when they're inside to help ease any anxiety they might feel. You can also provide a safe place for your dog to feel comfortable and sheltered from the noise. 

Remember that some dogs may need more than just a safe space - some may find it helpful to wear a snug-fitting Thundershirt or calming wrap that applies gentle, constant pressure. Talk to your veterinarian or local pet store for more information on these products. 

Finally, if you bring your dog to watch the fireworks display, remember that fireworks can be overwhelming for animals and can lead to severe injury or even death. If you decide to bring your dog, keep them leashed near you and ensure they're always supervised.

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Distract Your Dog

It can be difficult to calm your dog when fireworks start going off. One way to help your pet feel safe and secure is to find ways to distract them from the loud noises and flashing lights. Here are some ways to help distract your dog when fireworks are going off:

  • Give Them a New Toy – Get a new toy or treat they have never seen before, as this will give them something to focus on and explore. This could include interactive toys, puzzle toys, chew toys, or even stuffed animals.
  • Go for a Walk – Walking with your pet can help them focus on something other than the fireworks. It also helps burn some of their energy to relax once they get home.
  • Play a Game – Games like hide-and-seek or fetch can keep your dog busy and engaged. They can help to get your dog's mind off the noise outside and focus on the fun of playing a game.
  • Listen to Music – Playing soothing music for your dog can help drown out the loud fireworks and relax them. Look for themes designed explicitly for calming pets, or make your own playlist of calming tunes.

These are just a few ways to help distract your dog when fireworks go off. Try to find activities that your pet enjoys so they can focus on something other than the noise outside. This will help them stay calm and safe during the celebrations.

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Help Your Dog Feel Safe

Dogs can become incredibly anxious during fireworks, mainly if they are not used to loud noises. To help your dog feel safe during New Year's celebrations, there are several steps you can take.

First, create a "safe space" for your pet. This can be anywhere in the house where your dog feels comfortable and relaxed, such as a room with soft furnishings or a doggie bed. Make sure to have plenty of toys, blankets, and pillows, so your pup can nestle in and feel secure.

If your dog is particularly anxious, consider setting up a den-like environment. Use furniture to block any windows that look out onto the street and cover them with thick curtains to further muffle the sound of fireworks. You may even consider playing white noise or calming music to help block out other loud sounds.

Give your dog plenty of attention and reassurance throughout the evening. Talk calmly to them and tell them you are there for them. Cuddles and reassuring touches can help them relax and feel more secure.

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Keep the Noise Level Down

When the New Year fireworks begin, keep the noise level down for your dog. This can be done in several ways. 

One way to help keep the noise down is to close all windows and doors, especially those that face the direction from which the fireworks are coming. You can also use soundproof curtains or windows. 

Additionally, playing soothing music, like classical or instrumental music, can help drown out the noise of the fireworks. You could also use a fan or air conditioner to help reduce the volume of the outside noise.

If these steps are not working, consider more severe solutions. Invest in soundproofing materials such as foam tiles and mats if you live in an area where fireworks are expected every New Year. This will help absorb some noise and make it more bearable for your pup.

With a little extra effort, you can help make New Year's Eve fun and safe for you and your pup! No matter how noisy the fireworks may be, it is essential to remember that your dog is not alone. Talk to them calmly and reassuringly, pet them, and keep them safe and secure with you.

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Consider Medication

Suppose your dog shows severe anxiety, such as trembling, panting heavily, or having a complete breakdown. In that case, it might be time to talk to your veterinarian about potential medications. 

Medication for dogs who suffer from extreme noise-induced anxiety is becoming increasingly popular. It can help your pet stay calm in loud and intense noises like fireworks.

Your veterinarian could recommend medication options depending on the type and severity of your dog's anxiety. Common medications used to help with noise-induced anxiety include benzodiazepines (Valium), tricyclic antidepressants (Clomicalm), and SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors). 

Your vet will discuss each option's pros and cons and recommend which is best for your pet.

It is important to remember that medication should only be used as a last resort after other methods have been tried. Medication is not a quick fix and may take some time before the effects are seen. 

It is also essential to watch for potential side effects, as there is a risk of adverse reactions. Additionally, make sure to follow the dosing instructions that your veterinarian recommends. 

If you choose medication to help keep your dog calm this New Year's season, consult your vet first. Medication may be beneficial if other methods of calming your pet have been unsuccessful.

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